At 7HS we understand the need for everyone to take accountability in order to implement successful sustainable practices at a personal, social, economic and environmental level. We are ready to facilitate the discussion on how to implement sustainable practices, educate others and lead by example.

Economic Sustainability

Social Sustainability

Environmental Sustainability

Sustainability is a broad term which highlights the need for available resources to not be consumed at a rate faster than they can be regenerated. Although the need for sustainability encompasses every aspect of our lives, when discussing sustainable development, experts recognize 3 principal dimensions of sustainability:

In 2014 7HS was granted access to 35 acres that comprise Uncle Charlie’s Ranch in Black Hawk, CO for the purposes of developing a permacultural designed sustainable community, holistic retreat center and outdoor community and event center. Uncle Charlie’s Ranch is known for its unique water source which many claim to have healing properties. In 2016 7HS purchased and additional 20 acres of land adjacent to Uncle Charlie’s Ranch giving 7HS access to a total of 55 acres for the development of this sustainable project.

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Here at 7HS, we are all about community involvement. The more people we can get working together towards one goal, the better chance we stand at succeeding,

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