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Holistic Health

The term holistic health views the person as an integrated whole. It seeks to restore, support and maintain each of the components making up the individual including its spiritual, physical, emotional, psychological, philosophical and metaphysical aspects.

Whole Body Balance

Through a diverse array of therapeutic practices and complementary healing modalities the different aspects of a human being can be brought into balance allowing for the activation of innate healing properties within the body.

The pillars of Holistic Healing include:

  • Integrated, multidisciplinary, multi-view approach
  • Seeing the patient as a person, not a disease
  • Focusing on the root of the condition, not just symptom relief
  • Everyone has the innate ability to heal themselves

As part of this integrated multidisciplinary approach we seek to eventually provide traditional medical services such as primary care, psychiatric care and counseling in combination with a variety of integrative, complementary and alternative medicine modalities that include but are not limited to the following:

Therapeutic Massage
Crystal Therapy
Sound Healing
Dance Therapy

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