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Education and research are at the heart of our mission. 7HS aims to establish a reputable platform for the dissemination of knowledge within the community. We accomplish this by providing spaces, both physical and virtual, which help facilitate learning through conferences, lectures, workshops and formal discussions.

7HS also collaborates, supports and financially funds initiatives and organizations, such as ​A New Dimension of Hope. which seek to make education accessible at a global scale

7HS ultimately seeks to have a broader role in promoting education and advancing research at a global scale via collaborations with world-renowned academic organizations and through the creation of a prolific network between private and public entities, universities, research centers and highly skilled individuals.

Finally, 7HS desires to have an active role in the creation of grants, fellowships and philanthropic endowments aimed at increasing accessibility to higher education and other desirable educational opportunities.

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Here at 7HS, we are all about community involvement. The more people we can get working together towards one goal, the better chance we stand at succeeding,

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