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Self-expression and creativity allows for the highest and purest representations of human life. 7HS recognizes the transformative power behind the arts and humanities as they simultaneously help to inform and transcend the human experience.

Since its inception 7HS has known the value of having an outlet for creative expression of the community. As such, 7HS has dedicated a great deal of resources in establishing a platform where people in the community can showcase their talents and creative works and/or voice their opinions.

In 2016 7HS was also granted the opportunity of restoring and occupying the old Scarlet’s casino on Main Street in Central City, CO for a year term (June 2016-May 2017). The casino had been empty and deteriorating since 2007. After restoring the building 7HS operated this 4-level 30,000 square feet facility as an integrated event and community center.

Through unique partnerships with Lumonics, Feyline and Colorado Concerts, 7HS launched The Scarlet Venue in the fall of 2016 with overwhelming success. In the course of a year The Scarlet Venue hosted over 15 events open to the public bringing anywhere from 300 to 1,200 people to each of these events. These events hosted by the Scarlet Venue were designed to integrate all aspects of the 7HS.

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