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7 Healing Stars Oneness Center (7HS)​ is a collective of artists, holistic healers, professionals, organizations, spiritual and community leaders creating an ever evolving platform of self-discovery and empowerment at the individual and collective level. We seek to accomplish this through the establishment of global “oneness centers” which support the integration of 7 core ideals.

A powerful convergence of artists, holistic healers, spiritual guides, and community leaders. At the Sanctuary, you will find something that inspires people from all walks of life.

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Maintaining a well balanced diet is more than keeping our organs healthy. Good nutrition fosters mental and emotional health stability and prosperity. We can help with tools for better eating habits.

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Ensuring our future has never been more important. Through the collaborative journey of sustainable living, we have the ability to make sure there is enough for everyone for generations to come.

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Knowledge is the most powerful tool in our arsenal. We seek to establish relationships with a variety of learning institutions to further the cause of learning and education.

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Health & Wellness

Health is at the core of who we are and how we live our lives. Yet, health and wellness are more than exercising only the body; mind and spirit must also be taken care of.

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Arts & Culture

There is no Earth without Art. Humans have an innate sense to express themselves in unique and beautiful ways. Music, painting, poetry, and dance are a few examples of how we choose to outwardly show what's inside each of us.

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In our attempts to connect with the world around us, we search for meaning everywhere. How we choose to travel that path is up to each of us, but it's easier when we come together in a compassionate pursuit of higher understanding.

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Community is at the center of human evolution. We depend on each other for growth, compassion, and understanding. On our odyssey to discover our purpose, community will see us through safely.

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